​​​​​​SUMMER CAMPS 2020

Welcome to an exciting cultural adventure camp!  All in Spanish! All camps are a sensory experience, designed for the age of the camper and to enhance and strengthen your child’s interest in the world of science, art and nature. The natural world is abundant with possibilities for children to explore, discover and investigate, and summertime is a perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors!

                                             CHARLESTON CAMPUS 

Charleston's Campus will be offering Half Day and Full Day Camp Weeks for Children 3 to 6 years old. Potty Trained. New kids are welcome to come. No Spanish Experience is necessary.


HOURS:    8:30AM-1:00PM ………….…….$400     

  • Week of Junio 15-19  "Maker Mania" (Construye mania!)

Is your child a builder – stacking blocks, using things like pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks or Legos to create new inventions? Join us as we take campers through the design process. We will sketch out and draft our ideas first, then determine the materials needed for our creations. Then we BUILD! Campers will have an opportunity to share their design story and finished project with the group. Skills necessary: none! Skills gained: communication, problem solving, reasoning, developing creativity, and team work.

  • Week of June 22- 26 "Little Artists! (Pequenos Artistas)

We study several of the great masters – Jackson Pollack, Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso.  These artists were considered unconventional at the time, they broke norms and found news ways to express creativity. Campers explore and experiment with a variety of art materials and styles and learn to express themselves in visually striking ways. We develop the skill of observation and learn about form, perspective, color and light as campers transform their creative vision into beautiful art! Please wear clothes suitable for painting and messy experimentation.

  • Week of June 29-July 3  "Scientist in Training” (Cientificos en Entrenamiento)

Take a dash of engineering and a sprinkle of earth science, toss it together with some fun and games, and you have a STEAM-based camp. Our future scientists will explore the different worlds of science through take home creations. Join us for this exciting journey into the world of science.

  • Week of July 6- July 10 “Exploring Our Neighborhood” (Explorando nuestro vecindario)

OH MY! Come take a nature walk while we explore the great outdoors. We will be walking to Mitchell Park Library. Magical Bridge Park  and to the Junior Museum at Middlefield Rd. that is just 5 minutes away from our Campus. It will be an amazing week!

  • Week of July 13- July 17  “Music and Movement” (Musica y movimiento)

I like to MOVE IT, MOVE IT! This week will be a fun combination of instruments and different types of exercise. Zumba and yoga to name a few! It is going to be rockin!

  • Week of July 20-24 "Alebrijes Workshop". (Taller de Alebrijes)

Join us as we learn about the fascinating world of Mexican Folk Art. The children will make their own Alebrijes creature to take home.


                             WILKIE WAY CAMPUS

Wilkie Way Campus will be offering Half Day Camp Weeks for Children 2.5 to 5 years old. Potty Trained. New kids are welcome to come. No Spanish Experience is necessary.  

HOURS: 8:30AM-1:00PM……………….$400      


  • Week of June 15-19 “Infinity and Beyond Camp” (Hasta el Infinito y mas alla)

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off to a galaxy far, far away to learn about Earth and the amazing solar system. Discover all things galactic such as comets, planets, shooting stars, rockets and more. Learn about flight, the adventures of space travel, and participate in a rocket launch!

  • Week of June 22-26  “Eric Carle Week”  (Semana de Eric Carle)

This week, your preschool-aged child will explore the literature and art of Eric Carle. We’ll work our way through his books with fun crafts, science experiences, art that looks like his illustrations and snacks to go with the theme of the book. What a fun way for a child to begin their summer camp experience!

  • Week of June 29 - July 3  “Dino Discovery Week”  (Descubriendo Dinosaurios)

Do you know which dinosaur was nicknamed “long neck?” Do you know which dinosaur had the biggest head? Join us for a colossal journey into the world of dinosaurs. Build a dinosaur replica and have an archaeological dig just like a real paleontologist. In Dino Discovery, your child will have a swamp stomping good time!

  • Week of July 6-10 “Animal Hospital” (Hospital de Mascotas)

For all animal lovers! Join us as we learn about the things our animals need to stay healthy. We learn how cats and dogs are different from us and how they can be similar. We work with a veterinarian who helps us understand how to be a good pet owner, look at x-rays and learn what they can tell us about the health of the animal and also take care of our sick pets (bring your stuffed animals who may need a check-up..


  • You may register your child for multiple camps. One form per camper is required.
  • Bring the forms with a copy of the vaccines the first day of camp.
  • You will be asked to pay for your child's camp(s) in full to complete the registration process.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

  • Cancellations within 30 days of the camp start date will receive a full refund minus a $50 fee. Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to camp start date are non-refundable.

Daily Essential List

  • Swimsuits and towel
  • Plastic bag or waterproof tote bag for wet swimsuits.
  • Sunblock lotion  – These items must be supplied by parent if desired.

         Please apply sunblock lotion prior to start of program day. We will reapply/

  • Hat for sunny days.
  • change of clothing to be kept at Preschool.

PLEASE!! – CLEARLY LABEL ALL ITEMS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. We cannot guarantee return of lost items that are unlabeled.


  • All participants should bring lunch and Water Bottle every day.
  • Several children in our program have a severe allergy to peanuts; therefore, Preschool is peanut free. Strict avoidance is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction. The allergy can be life threatening and as a result we have decided to institute a peanut free center. Please read the labels on food when preparing children’s lunches to be certain that products containing peanuts and tree nuts are not brought into the center. Thank you in advance for your help with this important safety precaution.
  • PLEASE pack your child’s lunch in a clearly labeled lunch box.​
  • Preschool will provide a morning and an afternoon snack.