​​​​​​​Mi Casita de Espanol believes that learning a foreign language in the pre-school and elementary school years is an essential part of a child’s education and development. Research has shown that the brain and cognitive skills of a child develops greatly when exposed to a second language even for just a 4 week program. 

Students can purchase a 10 classes pass,  Tuesday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday option. We have various time options and themes offered each week. This way it is highly likely that Spanish language learning can be coordinated with whatever sport or activity your child has each season. For better results, attendance a minimum of two times weekly is desired, and even better three to four times per week. 

"Mi Casita de Español" After School Program offers:

  • Personalized instruction by native Spanish speaker teachers.
  • Full immersion in the Spanish language.
  • We do projects according with the kids interest.
  • The calendar is full with activities that are reflective of the different countries that speak Spanish. Every month the curriculum and activities change.
  • The Students are grouped with children that are Spanish speakers at home allowing for a full immersion environment.
  • Out Students have been admitted to Spanish Immersion programs in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Redwood City and Mt. View as a result of their level of proficiency.
  • Teachers will perform assessment of students’ progress on a monthly basis.


       After School Program