​​​​​​​Mi Casita de Espanol believes that learning a foreign language in the pre-school and elementary school years is an essential part of a child’s education and development. Research has shown that the brain and cognitive skills of a child develops greatly when exposed to a second language even for just a 4 week program. 

The after school program provides children from PreK to kindergarten an opportunity to hone their Spanish skills in a fun and safe environment

100% outdoors with COVID health regulations. 

The after school program will emphasize supporting the Spanish language foundations. The teachers will first assist the children with homework, and then arrange interactive activities such as games, music, science, and art as well as manual work, that engages the children to learn Spanish. The children will also be encouraged to share with their classmates a favorite toy or story during circle time to enhance their speaking skills. 

We always have a theme each week and will be modified based on the children's needs and curiosity to learn more about a specific topic. 

Our objective is to have the children feeling confident learning and speaking in Spanish. 

After School Program: 

1:00 pm Drop off 

1:00 pm Homework support

1:30 pm Enrichment activities: manual work, art, science, games, music 

2:00 pm Circle time: the theme of the week

2:15 pm Free activity

3:00 pm Circle time: children's show and tell 

3:15 pm Enrichment activities: manual work, art, science, games, music

3:50 pm Clean-up time 

4:00 pm Pick up, dismissal 

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       After School Program